Vikas Malhotra
Vikas, during the time of this project was a student at Hampshire College, focusing in anthropology and multimedia production. He is currently attending Columbia University where he will be getting a Masters in the South Asian Studies Program. He has a good working knowledge of Hindi. He has travelled extensively around the world to places such as Thailand, Kenya, Fiji, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Jamaica, Myanmar (Burma), and has spent extended amounts of time in India studying, documenting, conducting research. Vikas is also very well-versed in multimedia production, including video, audio, and internet productions. This site was his creation and he is currently working on a documentary about the Maha Kumbh Mela in Prayag which took place in 2001. Email: vikas333@gmail.com

David Paynter
David was a student at Hampshire College, studying anthropology and archeaology. He has studied biological anthropology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology and has done an independent project on linguistics, much of which dealt with the languages of India. He has extensive field work experience, including work in the American Southwest and in Jordan. David is also a published photographer, and has some experience with video production and post production. email: dpaynter@gmail.com

Rajiv Ahuja

Rajiv assisted us in Kerala with photography and research. He has also written several papers that will be placed on the CD. He is a student at George Washington University, focusing in cross cultural psychology and socio-cultural anthropology. He has traveled extensively, through Ghana, Africa and Matemurros, Mexico. In those places he was able to work hand in hand with natives, and became exposed to many of their traditions and rituals. He has a great interest in India and accompanied Vikas to India for a four and a half month study abroad experience. He is fluent in Hindi he has a great interest in still photography, and has been selected to participate in a photographic gallery showing, entitled, "Cultures from around the World." e-mail raja@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu


Biju K.F.

Biju acted as our translator from Malayalam to English. He also arranged meetings and iterviews, searched out festivals, rituals, and performances as well as transportation. Biju traveled with us for a large portion of the time we spent in Kerala conducting research. His background and training is in business, but his interests are in anthropology, and the preservation of tribal communities. He is associated with different academic anthropological organizations in kerala, and conducts his own independent research. He aspires to create anthropological documentaries about the folk and tribal traditions of Kerala. email: kallu_karan@yahoo.com


Ayyappan T.

Ayyappan was our guide through the tribal regions of Attapadi. Ayyappa speaks all of the tribal languages of the region of Attapadi, and so he also acted as our translator of tribal languages. He made arrangements for us to visit the tribal hamlets, and to stay, or eat there when necessary. He was a major source of information about the tribal people. Ayyappa is a member of the Irula tribe, and is a social worker for the tribal hamlets of Attapadi. Because of this, he was one of the only people who knew the forest routes to all of the tribal hamlets. In addition he was a well respected and liked man in each of these hamlets. can be contacted through the above email address.