Kannur (CANNANORE) is the second northernmost region of Kerala, bordering both the Arabian Sea and Tamil Nadu. Kannur covers 2,966 square kilometers.and contains a population of approximately 2,244,819 people. Kannur is famous for being the home of Kerala Dinesh Beedi company. The finest weavers of Kerala also come from this district. Weaving in Kannur is a cottage industry as well as a factory industry.

The beautiful world of Theyyam, our focus in Kannur has its home here, and can be seen throughout the district.

Kannur is well endowed with many rivers, and is covered in lush forest.

Kannur is home to Saint Angelo's fort, a giant triangular Spanish fort built in the 1700's. The fort has huge flanking bastions,a and one side looks over the Arabian sea. The entire fort was built with laterite, and the buildings have plastered walls. The fort still contains the cannons that were used to fend off attackers. While travelling the road which leads to the fort, you can see the Indian millitary training grounds on either side. Nearby are some of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Kerala.

The Parassinikkadavu Snake Park is also located here. The park is dedicated to preserving many of the snakes of India which are gradually becoming extinct. The park has snake pits with various snakes living together, fifteen glass cases for various kinds of snakes, and two large glass cases for king cobras. There are about one hundred and fifty snakes, including cobras, monosialed cobras, russels vipers, pit vipers, and three magnificent king cobras. There is also a collection of nonpoisonous snakes and large pythons.